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Guest post by Mick DiBetta

With the competition season off and running, its interesting hear the feedback from the over 40 age groupers after races about how they can’t train as much as they would like. Here is 10 tips to find that little extra we all need in our Master years.

About Mick DiBetta

A prone paddler from the age of 15, who has developed all his own training programs. These programs have been perfected to suit paddling events, from sprint racing to distant events like Catalina and Molokai to Oahu.

Mick has used proven scientific information from Olympic kayaking programs and used his race experience over many years to fine tune his training philosophy, to win the 1997 Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Championship. He has coached over 12 other Molokai to Oahu victories, both male and female, including 10 time champion Jamie Mitchell! He has a level 3 accredited surf coach certificate with Surf Life Saving Australia, gained at The Australian Institute of Sport. Read more about Mick

About Paddle Power Trainer

Paddle Power Trainer Athletes Include: Travis Grant (NSP), Annabel Anderson (Lahui Kai), Georges Cronsteadt (SIC), Lincoln Dews (Lahui Kai), Kelly Margetts (Lahui Kai), Slater Trout (Infinity), Jayden Jensen (Lahui Kai), Beau O’Brian (Starboard), Steve Dullack, The Mullet, and Many More!

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