Straight Outta Kihei: Downwind Foiling on the South Side with Jeremy Riggs

Jeremy Riggs Foiling at Kihei

The Kihei Run on Maui’s South Side might be known as Maliko’s little sister…but when it’s firing, it’s something else.  Conditions have to be just right….if the winds are blowing too offshore, it can be dangerous.  You can get blown way out to sea. It’s a fun run, for sure….and even more so on the foil, or so we are told.  We were lucky enough to observe Jeremy Riggs, as well as Dave Kalama and his son Austin on the top part of the run, from the safety of our fifth floor condo lanai!  It was Rigg’s first time downwinding with a GoFoil S and he graciously sent us this video. He said conditions were the windiest he’s ever seen, and he logged a personal best 400 meter glide. His 11-mile run was completed in an hour and ten minutes….with an average speed of 12.7 mph!!  He says the Kalamas were going even faster….amazing!!

Listen to that foil sing!



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