Top 5 things to pack for a SUP Camping trip

(2) Bring a Drakar Noir Belt PDF. Because falling off your board stinks, unless you fall off with a Drakkar PFD.

(3) Carry a Lego Lifeguard Board Elf: If you get into trouble, she’ll will build a lego raft, bring you in on a lego wave runner, and perform lego CPR if necessary. Serious on-board skills.

(4) Buy and bring Beans. This inexpensive, high-in-protein pre-race meal will have you flying like the wind breaking.

(5) Bring your best “choking the duck” shadow animal skills: Nothing says to a bear, “These are some crazy Mofo’s!” like a realistic shadow of someone choking a duck.

Please excuse my puffy pirate shirt. When I put it on, It gets me in the shadow-animal mood.


Be prepared