The First Annual Epic Mulletkai Meetup: A fun paddle, run, paddle

James Bain texted me this week.

“Are you up for a challenge?”


That’s how crazy things tend to start.

“We do a graveyard paddle on Saturday, followed by the half marathon, followed by a graveyard paddle. Kind of our version of what they do in Catalina.”

You see, we’ve both been inspired by the paddlers who paddled from Palos Verdes in March 2015 to paddle to Catalina, Run a Marathon and then Paddle Home the next day all of Callie’s Cause. This year, their paddle, run, paddle in California is on the same weekend as the Quintiles Marathon in Wrightsville Beach on March 20th. (I can’t find info on it, so we’re working on it.)

BARK: Paddle Run Paddle 2015 for Callie’s Cause from Fin Film Company on Vimeo.

Neither James nor I are prepared to run a full marathon, but James thought it would be cool to do our own local version, maybe as an homage to the amazing paddlers in California. Local NC style.

So this is what we’re thinking: For those craving for paddles and pavement a 13.1 mile paddle (Carolina Cup Graveyard course) Saturday, followed by the 13.1 mile Quintiles half-marathon and a followed by a 13.1 mile paddle (Graveyard) Sunday.

Start and finish from the Blockade Runner Beach Resort.

This would be a total unsanctioned meetup, just for the fun of it, the challenge. We’re just friends getting together to do something fun and difficult.

Bring your own trophies. We’ll tape over the plaquards and write something new with a sharpie.

All timing is personal. The only official timing is with the half-marathon. It’s a personal challenge for the experience. It’s to finish. It’s not a race.

For those interested, but not in the whole thing, break it up and team up in any way you want. You need to organize your own groups and logistics.

If you just want to paddle

Paddle. At least you’ll have company.

If you just want to do flatwater

Do flatwater. You’ll be training for what you want to do. All good.

If you can do it as a team

Break it up any way you want. There are no rules. You are totally on your own, in the company of others who are also on their own.

The point

If you are looking to do a practice run for the Carolina Cup exactly one month later, it’s a good opportunity to get a run in with company. And a run. And then another one. If that makes sense.

Quintiles Half Marathon

There are only a few  spots left in the Quintiles Half Marathon, so if you want to be in on it, you have to register. There are at least 4 of us registered for the run who are committed to doing it. One is a team rom VB. The other is Margo Pellegrino who’s coming down and camping on Masonboro.

Time and Events:


  • Packet pickup for the Marathon


  • 10am Paddle Start from Blockade Runner Beach Side
  • 6pm dinner at Epic Food Company: 1113 Military Cutoff Rd, Wilmington, NC 28405


  • 6:40am Half Marathon start
  • 10:30 Graveyard Paddle start from Blockade Runner Beach Side
  • After-paddle meetup at Tower 7

Next steps:

  1. If you are going to participate, register for the marathon. The Half Marathon and Marathon are at 75% Capacity.
  2. RSVP to the Facebook Event

Again, this is a meetup, not a race

This isn’t a race or official anything. We’re just looking to have some fun, train and finish something challenging. I hope that makes sense. If you participate, you are simply doing this on your own in the company of a bunch of friends who are also doing it on their own. Only together. No points. No official timing. Paddle together as a group. Paddle for your own personal record. No entrance fees. No shirts. All fun.