Lachie Lansdowne and Rhys Burrows surfing prone paddleboards

I reposted a clip from Rhys Burrows the other day that got a ton of attention on the intertubes. Lachie Lansdown helps run Prone Paddlers on Facebook and Instagram with Jack Bark. He sent me this video of him and Rhys having fun in the surf. It looks like pure joy. I can’t wait for some warm water and surf.

This is the perfect example of how SUP has become the gateway to other water sports. For those of us who didn’t grow up with paddleboards, paddling or surfing, it’s a completely new thing to do on the water. We come to the sports with excitement, enthusiasm and appreciation. Can’t wait to see Rhys and Jack Bark at the Carolina Cup in April. Maybe we’ll have a chance to go out and surf a few.

(Dave Baker: This one’s for you and the WBOR crew. We have to get back out there.)

I poached these photos from Lachie’s and Rhys’ Facebook pages. the first is Lachie, the second is Rhys:

Lachie Lansdowne surfing a prone paddleboard

rhys burrows surfing prone paddleboard