Powering Through: Getting Through Training Misery

This can be one of the hardest times of the year where training goes – maybe you are concentrating on building strength and are doing workout that aren’t as fun, or you’re battling with weather, or even just battling the holidays and the stress that can come with them.  Amy Beausang has some suggestions for powering through in her blog.

“Ever have days when you feel like exercise is sheer misery? Even if you’re a regular exerciser, sometimes it feels grueling and impossible to complete what you set out to do, despite knowing that it will make you feel better in the end. I recently came across this article from Well+Good in which trainers list 10 tips to help us get through super challenging workouts. Here are the 5 that I personally find really helpful for reframing my mindset on days that I’m just not motivated. Whether your particular workout is Crossfit, running, walking, bootcamp, or BodyStep, try these strategies to help you conquer that workout like a champ!”

Read the entire blog here.


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