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Run Gum


When you want to solve a problem in SUP, look to other  sports. They’ve most likely solved or have a solution that can be adapted. In this case, race performance and the use of caffeine. We’ve seen it in gels (GU), pre-race and race hydration mixes (OX Endurance, Skratch, etc.) and undoubtedly, it can give you a boost in focus and energy.

The performance gum with the “caffeine kick” looks like a very cool option. We’re getting some samples and cant’ wait to try it because we’re already “jacked up on Mountain Dew!” sorry for the Telladega Nights reference. Here’s a song to make you feel better.


Our zero calorie, sugar free energy gum gives you the boost you need up to 5x faster. Developed by 2x Olympian and biochemist, Nick Symmonds, Run Gum™ was designed with the elite athlete in mind, but created for anyone on the run. Run Gum™ is your smarter caffeine kick.


From their site: The way caffeine is being delivered is far from ideal for maximum performance, whether in training or competition. Some people drink coffee, others a bottle of flat soda or energy drink. Some might eat energy chews or bars, squeeze a shot of gel down their throat or even gulp a handful of jelly beans or caffeine pills. All require you to digest and wait.

Our gum’s performance enhancing ingredients are absorbed through your cheeks and gums, giving you a faster kick without the need to digest anything.

When you’re about to stomach a grueling 13 mile training run, your stomach is the last thing you need to worry about. And the only thing you need in your gut when you’re an athlete is guts.

RUN GUM™ gives you the kick you need BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER to ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE.

Run Gum

I’m getting some to try it out. It looks interesting.

For more info, go to RUN GUM