Surfski Tuesday: Dawid Mocke and the Falkland Sound Crossing

First Downwind Surfski Run Across the Falkland Sound

Dawid Mocke is an amazing surfski racer and design innovator….as well as pioneer. Three days ago, he left the Falkland Islands after becoming one of the first surfski paddlers to cross the Falkland Sounds.  You can read about it on his Facebook page, but essentially he spent six days scouting new surfski/kayaking routes and they did the first recorded downwind paddle across the Falklands Sound between West and East Falkland.

Here’s what he said about the crossing:

“The highlight was paddling across the Falkland Sound. What an adventure this was. We drove overland with our host to the beach opposite West Falkland. We then headed into the light wind for 6kms across the sound and stood on the other side. Then we turned and paddled the 16km back to the farm. About an hour out we hit a massive outgoing tide and basically didn’t move for an hour! It was brutal, but we made it and thus achieved our objective!”

The video is awesome, the story fantastic!





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