A Different kind of training day on the Snoqualmie River

This is from our friends Joel, Maia, Coli and Grandbaba (David) Yang with The Village of Stoke. This gallery of them experiencing the Snoqualmie River is why we think they embody the joy of this standup paddling. We love them and this gallery is just one indication of why we think they’re so great, why they embody the joy of this sport. 

Pay close attention to both their stoke warm up and their cleanup. Ocean Minded, looks like you have a new ambassador.

Today was a different kind of training day. Coli has finally been back on the mend and we’ve been slowly working our way towards Round the Rock ….but today she requested that we changed things up a bit and worked on some “agility & balance” training – – – – who could deny their kid that? so off we went to the Snoqualmie river ~ Grey skies, lots of rain….it was perfect! we had the run all to ourselves!!! and last but not least – welcome to river paddling Grandbaba Stoke! *(this was his first time river paddling)

Check out their site, The Village of Stoke

Photo Credit: The Village of Stoke