How to blend the perfect smoothie infographic and great Vitamix options

smoothie infographic

I LOVE my Vitamix. (Thank you Tom and Katrina). We use it almost every day, sometimes twice a day. This is a great infographic on creating smoothies from URRAW. And you don’t need a Vitamix. It helps. Save for one. The Magic Bullets are great. So are normal blenders. The more powerful ones allow you to make nuts, seeds, and other more dense ingredients into fluid, non-gritty elements.

I haven’t mastered the heated world of soups in the Vitamin yet and my frozen desserts need help, but juices and smoothies? I’m a blending ninja.Vitamix S30

This is the Vitamix S30 Personal Blender that looks perfect for traveling and someone making one or two smoothies at a time:

  • 20-ounce portable container with flip-top lid
  • 40-ounce compact container for small family meals
  • Easy-to-use Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature
  • Powerful 790-watt motor
  • Backed by a 5-year full warranty and 30-day guarantee

Then there’s the Vitamix 5200 SeriesVitamix 5200

  • More efficient 2 peak horsepower motor, 120 volt, 60 hz, 11.5 amps
  • High-efficiency radial cooling fan
  • Low-friction ball-bearing motor built to last a lifetime
  • Heavy-duty, hide-away safety cord extends 19″ to 6′ and has a grounded 3-prong plug
  • Accelerator tool with specially-designed collar to prevent tool from hitting blades helps process thicker mixtures with ease

For fueling up before, adding more nutrients to each day or for recovery, you can’t beat it. I know it’s expensive, but it’s  life changer and worth every penny.