2020 Kruger/Waddell Challenge Long cut video: first crossing of the border route via SUP

Our Paddle Monsters are at it again. Scott Baste, John Knippers.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We are so stoked for you!

From John’s Facebook Page:

“Words can hardly describe how amazing yet also how extremely tough it really was though!

Paddling 220 miles and portaging 20 of em’ with no current and sometimes winds with gusts to 40mph. Thankfully we had a mix of that being downwinders but still…
The most difficult challenge of the entire week was Saturday, “the Grand Portage” (OUR LAST DAY) after all the many miles. We still had 2 legs to paddle and 2 portages then a 9 mile hike through a forrest to get ourselves out.
The trek was through mud holes, across long skinny wooden plank beams, up & down hills, around huge fallen trees, all the while carrying all our gear plus boards… & again, through a forrest finishing with our headlamps in the dark. We literally pushed ourselves further than I could have ever imaginend & then double that.
But it was so worth it!
We were greeted at the Grand Portage resort by the other finishers and support crew. Our names were added to a wooden paddle plaque. Then, as if we were being knighted, we were blessed with a pine tree branch on each sboulder and awarded the traditional bear claw finisher necklace.
SO COOL that moment was!😊🤙
💥*( a little bit of history interjection here)
[The Kruger Waddell challenge follows one of the fur trading routes from the 1700’s and replicates the way the duo Verlen Kruger and Clint Waddell did it in 1968 setting the record paddling from rainy lake to Grand Portage.]
By far this was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but definitely one of the most amazing and coolest too. From the majestic scenery, wildlife, and sounds of the loons, to the things I learned from the amazingly hardcore

Scott Baste

, veteran water triber/waterman.

My body has been worn pretty hard but the nutrition throughout, including my secret weapon “everything bars” which i field tested, (hopefully soon to be marketed) turned out perfect and got me through the 8 tough days!
I kinda teared up at the finish line just knowing we had made it, and with what all we had endured completely self sufficient throughout the week. I could barely walk still 36 hours later from all the swelling in my feet and ankles, but as of today I’m getting closer to normal and it was ALL TOTALLY WORTH IT!
Mahalo for the blessings & for following us!🙏