Paddle Battle for Fish Gotta Swim

Dear WiSE Friend,

For over 40 years, Wilderness Southeast (WiSE), a nonprofit organization in Savannah, Georgia, has provided dynamic eco-adventures and unparalleled environmental education for students, families, and groups of all ages. We are seeking urgent funding for WiSE, so that we may continue connecting people to nature and reintroduce our flagship program, Fish Gotta Swim©, to the public schools this fall. We have several outstanding grant applications but may be forced to close our doors if we do not receive funding soon.

Unfortunately, due to constraints imposed by the pandemic, our finances and in-person programs have been severely curtailed. One of these programs is Fish Gotta Swim©, our hands-on, environmental education program for underserved middle school students in Chatham County.

To raise awareness and much-needed funds, WiSE is sponsoring a virtual "Paddle Battle" all summer long for SUPs, kayakers and nature enthusiasts everywhere. The Paddle Battle runs from June 21st - September 7th, and its boundaries for participation are limitless (compete from anywhere)! Participants can win prizes for the most water miles logged and/or money raised - individually or as a "TEAM" - on Give

Visit our page to donate to our campaign or create a TEAM or INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING PAGE for the Paddle Battle. Simply click "I want to fundraise for this" on our campaign page. Upload your pics and videos on social media with the hashtags #FishGottaSwim and #PaddleBattle! More prize categories will be announced soon on our website ( as well as our Facebook Page ( Tell your friends, and help us emphasize the "FUN" in fundraising!

Will you please help to give WiSE the monetary foundation it needs not only to recover from the pandemic, but to grow and thrive? The future of our children and our planet depends on immersive eco-education programs like Fish Gotta Swim©!

Red River Paddle Challenge

Join us for the fourth annual Red River Paddle Challenge!

The Red River Paddle Challenge (RRPC) is a 44 kilometer (~27 miles) long distance paddling race on the Red River beginning in Winnipeg, Manitoba and ending down river in Lockport, Manitoba. We welcome all types of paddling craft, including kayaks, canoes, surfskis, outrigger canoes, stand up paddleboards, or other craft. Basically our motto is if you can paddle it you can race it!

Key West Paddle Classic

Join the 25th Annual Key West Paddle Classic for a 12 mile Paddle around Key West. All self powered vessels are included, if you can paddle it, you can race it. There is also a 3 person relay (3,4,5 mile legs)