Reading Training Programs

Interval training is simple really. It just looks like arithmetic at first. Much like any type of training program whether it be strength or cardio, there is a prescribed number of sets and [...]


Saturday, January 12th from 9-11AM at Paddling Paradise 4220 Dixie Hwy NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905 ( Come learn, practice and refine your paddling skills with Paddle Monster Coach [...]

Paddle Entry Q/A

So I have had the question raised recently – why does my blade make a plopping noise when it enters the water. This is something I’m sure everyone has experienced and it does take practise to [...]

Love the Conditions

I’ve often felt that one of the problems of competing in an outdoor sport is that you’re subject to the conditions. In paddling, wind, waves and current can play a huge part in the outcome of any [...]

Active Rest

One of the most important things you can do when you’ve finished a training block (and particularly after competing in the most important event of your season) is take a little time away from [...]

Injury Prevention

by Steve Dullack I am currently on the shelf until late June with no racing until late July at the earliest because I had double shoulder surgery last week. Injury prevention is a GREAT topic.  [...]

Welcome to Paddle Monster

Welcome to PADDLE MONSTER from Paddle Monster on Vimeo. Welcome to Paddle Monster – an online SUP training community.  We’ve thought long and hard about how best to deliver things like training [...]

Hatching a Monster

It’s been a busy winter so far.  I’ve been completing some projects for my job with CanoeKayak Canada, have been to Florida for two weeks to coach, and have paddled almost every day while [...]