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SUP Technique Errors and their Fixes – Staying “Inside” the Board
Staying “Inside” the SUP Board In last month’s issue we looked at the most common technique errors and...
Paddling Safety: In Over Your Head
SUP Paddling Safely Means not Getting in Over Your Head There is a fine line between pushing your limits...
Sight and Sound: Visual and Auditory Cues For Good Paddling
Visual and Auditory Cues  Paddling is a very sensory experience.  There’s a lot happening out on the...

Banh Pho 18′ 6″ x 26.5″

Sup Strength: Adding Core Stability and Balance Training to your Lifting
Strength: Adding Core Stability and Balance Training to your Lifting Paddling, like many other sports,...
Choosing the Right Paddle
SUP Equipment: Choosing the Right Paddle When we think of choosing the right equipment for SUP paddling...
Paddling Faster and Avoiding Back Pain
Avoiding Back Injury and Paddling Faster It’s not uncommon for people to have low back pain.  Chiropractors,...
Figure 17
SUP Technique: Errors and Fixes Part 1 – Issues with the Catch
SUP Technique: Fixing Problems with the Catch Over the next few months we’ll be publishing a series of...
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Measuring your Aerobic Capabilities with VO2Max Testing
Measuring your aerobic capabilities with VO2Max testing If you have been somewhere in the fitness world,...
Paddler's Paradises: The Tennessee River and Columbia River Gorges
A Tale of Two Gorges: The Tennessee River Gorge and The Columbia River Gorge
Paddler’s Paradises: Tennessee River and Columbia River Gorges Not all river gorges are made alike....
Traversing British Columbia’s Central Coast by SUP
Editor’s Note: Bruce Kirkby is a Canadian outdoor adventure athlete, author, professional speaker,...
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Paddle Foundations: The Six Fundamentals of Paddle Technique
The Six Fundamentals of Sup Technique All my years of paddling and coaching have led me to the conclusion...
Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 3.22
Paddle Strength Training: The Bench Pull and Body Row
The Bench Pull and Body Row Among the most common strength training questions I get from paddlers are...
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Why it is Important to Try Different Boards when you get the Chance
Try Paddling on Different Boards When You Get the Chance Two of the biggest things that separate the...
Adrian Angell On His Coast to Coast Paddle across England
Adrian Angell Completes Iconic Coast to Coast Paddle across England Editor’s Note: We asked Paddle...
Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 2.50
SUP Drafting 101: What is it, Why it Helps, How to do it
SUP Drafting 101 Drafting is a skill that is essential in SUP racing and useful if you’re a person using...
Paddle Destinations: Maui, Hawaii
Maui No Ka Oi- SUP Paddling on Maui Ah, Maui – the Valley Isle! Home of the legendary Maliko downwind...
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SUP Stability Tips for both New and Experienced Paddlers
SUP Stability Tips for All Paddlers Whether you’re someone who races SUP, uses it to train for fitness,...
mail 3
Choosing a New SUP Race Board: What to Look For
Choosing a New SUP Race Board In the last issue of The Catch, we talked about what new paddlers should...
Training the Energy Systems
Training the Energy Systems In the last issue of The Catch, we looked at the human energy systems and...
4-5 Reasons Why the 45 North Paddle Festival Should Be On Your List, and Race Recap
6/19/2022 Sutton’s Bay, MI – This past Sunday the Midwest Paddle League was back in action for its 3rd...
Welcome to The Catch! Paddle Monster’s new Monthly Feature
Introducing The Catch! Welcome to our first issue of “The Catch”, Paddle Monster’s new e-magazine for...
The Case for Periodized Training
The Case for Periodized Training – Benefits for Fitness Are you training SUP, either for racing...
Improve Your Own Paddling by Helping Others Improve Theirs
 Helping New Paddlers Can Make You a Better Paddler  Standup paddling is an awesome sport for a lot of...
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