Everyone should have access to top-level coaching to develop their skills. To that end, we have created Paddle Monster


Paddle Monster is a subscription based coaching site that gives normal paddlers access to the best paddle training and technique information available. We set goals, discuss our progress online, and then spill out onto the waterways around the world together. You have individual goals, but you are no longer lost or alone in your training. You are part of a community. Paddle Monster was founded by Larry Cain, an Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist and Olympic Paddle Coach and John Beausang, Writer, Publisher and persistently disheveled baitfish.



Undoubtedly the best thing to ever happen to me was finding my way to the Burloak Canoe Club (then the Oakville Racing Canoe Club) at the age of 11 in 1974. My first visit to the club has resulted in more than 40 years of paddling enjoyment, self-discovery, health promoting training, challenging racing and satisfying coaching that I still enjoy today.


In 1976 I remember watching John Wood win a silver medal for Canada in the C1 500m at the Olympic Games in Montreal. I turned to my parents and told them “that is what I want to do”. With excellent direction from coaches and role models and lots of hard work I was able to make that dream come true in 1984 in Los Angeles when I won Olympic gold and silver medals in the C1 500m and C1 1000m.

In a seventeen year National Team career I was able to compete in three Olympic Games, two Junior World and ten World Championships in sprint canoe as well as countless World Cup events. Upon retiring from the National Team I raced dragon boat as 5 World Championships winning 7 gold medals. I also raced outrigger, completing 5 Molokai to Oahu crossings in OC-6 (top finish 2nd) and one in OC-1. In September 2010 I started paddling SUP and it’s been the best form of paddling I’ve tried yet. It’s like C1 but standing up and can be done in virtually every kind of water condition. I have raced SUP a bunch, had some great success and done a lot of clinics and coaching.

I’ve had the privilege to coach at successful canoe clubs since 1996 and continue to enjoy sharing my passion for paddling with some great athletes at Burloak. We’ve been the best club in Canada at three of the last four National Championships. More recently I’ve worked with the National Team and helped coach some of Canada’s top athletes, including three Olympic medalists.

Working in such a successful environment and with some of paddle sport’s top coaches and athletes has been the best learning environment one can have and it’s allowed me to continue to expand my knowledge and find new ways to help people go fast in a paddled watercraft. I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you.



Travis Grant was born in Australia, but currently lives on Oahu, Hawaii. Grant’s somewhat laid back yet serious deep-down, almost flawless approach to competition, has won him the support and following of thousands across his two chosen disciplines (outrigger canoe and SUP). Travis’ ocean experience and downwind paddling success provides a unique perspective for those paddlers pursuing competition in races such as the Carolina Cup, M20 (Molokai 2 Oahu), The Gorge Paddle Challenge, and the Pacific Paddle Games.

“I’m looking forward to joining the Paddle Monster to sharing my personal approach to paddling, my knowledge and the experience I’ve learned along the way.” says Grant, “My training sessions are quality instead of quantity and most importantly they are enjoyable.”


Travis is currently ranked as the #3 Mens Paddler in the SUP RACER World Rankings ( http://www.supracer.com/rankings/ ) and will be coaching and competing at the highest level in 2017 in Hawaii, USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Europe.

Coach Seychelle


A native of the Florida Keys, Seychelle has always had a deep connection to the water. Along with being a perennial Top 10 standup paddle racer and SIC Maui team rider, she has a US Coast Guard Masters license and was an accomplished sailor before discovering Stand Up Paddleboarding in 2013. She is also a registered yoga instructor and personal trainer.



Coach Seychelle has four different paddle training groups: Three levels for warm-climate paddlers including Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner; And a fourth group focused on long, paddle-endurance races.

“I am thrilled to be joining Paddle Monster as the newest coach,” said Seychelle. “Paddle Monster is so much more than just a training program. It is a community, a social platform, a support network, and a diverse groups of people working hard for their goals. This group embodies so much of what I love about paddling! I am super passionate about this sport and about helping people and growing this community. I can’t wait to begin working with all of you!”



I was never the most talented athlete so from an early age I had to learn to work hard to keep up. From this I garnered a love of the training process and the gym became my happy place. Combining this with my love of the great outdoors and endless pursuit of understanding the human machine, I have built a niche improving physical and physiological qualities of adventure and action-sport athletes, primarily focussing on paddlers.


Having spent the last two Olympic cycles as the strength coach for CanoeKayak Canada, I have supported some of the best flatwater paddlers on the planet in reaching the podium at world cups, world championships and Olympic games. I have spent the last 8 years perfecting a model of dryland training for endurance athletes.

Being more than just a strength coach, I have been academically trained and have practiced as a physiologist, athletic therapist, kinanthropometrist and biomechanist. This gives me a wide scope of practice and knowledge base to draw upon in order to help my athletes achieve their goals. I believe the primary goals of dryland training are to minimize injury risk, increase the tolerance and capacity of the body to handle the demands of training (and life), and both combined will allow any individual to perform at their best when it matters. I employ the Japanese philosophy of “Kaizen”, always focussing on continuous improvement regardless of where you are at this moment in time.

Growing up in Kingston I spent a lot of time paddling both canoes and kayaks in the beautiful flatwater lakes and whitewater rivers of Eastern Ontario. Now residing in Toronto, most of my time these days is spent playing in the Great Lakes. When not in a boat you will find me on a mountain bike, locked into some skis, or climbing a rock wall, enjoying all the seasons and activities nature has to offer.



I learned to surf with a bunch of 10 year olds in a surf camp when I was 32. I know what it’s like to be new at something. It was late to come into the sport, but for me, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’d just moved from New York City to Wilmington, NC after more than a decade as a copywriter and creative director at traditional and digital advertising agencies. I went to the beach every morning even if just to see the sunrise. I surfed every chance I got.


A few years later, a friend introduced me to standup paddleboarding and I was hooked. The only problem was that when I was first learning how to paddle, I resembled a distressed mullet. I floundered. I fell. SUP became irresistible. No matter how badly I got my ass kicked, I wanted to get better. Flatwater turned into distance paddling, which turned into surfing and downwinders, which turned into open ocean downwinders, then the rivers… dang that’s fun. I started the blog, distressedmullet.com which has turned into one of the top sites for paddleboarding in the world. I met people who paddle from around the world and knew right away I’d found my water family.

Now, after 8 years and over 10,000 posts, we decided to do more for the paddle community including the launch of The Mullet magazine and creating a training community here in Paddle Monster with a truly amazing paddler and paddle coach, Larry Cain.

I live in Wilmington with my wonderfully supportive wife, Amy, waterbaby/daughter, Stella, and my crime-fighting dog, Bauer.