About Paddle Monster Coaches – Nutrition

Nutrition Coaching with Coach Victoria

Certified sports nutritionist and world-class stand-up paddleboard competitor Victoria Burgess has her CISSN certification as a Sports Nutritionist and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance.

Coach Victoria offers nutrition programs in a few approaches. Choose from the group forum, similar to the All-Access Training approach to paddle coaching or 1-on-1 Basic or Advanced programs that are tailored to you, your needs and your unique requirements.

Coach Victoria Burgess

CISSN: Nutrition and Human Performance Coach

Custom Training Program from Coach Victoria

Maximize your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and peak for the races that are most important to you.
$ USD 250
  • Offer limited to 5 athletes per month
  • Includes paddle, cardio, and cross-training workouts
  • Strength training workouts built to your personal training schedule
  • BONUS nutritional templates to match your workouts and energy expenditure throughout the month
  • Basic fitness measure test at the start of the program (VIA Zoom)
  • Followed up with a fitness test every quarter, to gather baseline and measure progress throughout the program
  • Paddle Monster all-access membership included. Includes app, videos, blogs, forums, and online training community
  • Plus 1- 30min phone consult per month to check-in and plan out your training program and upcoming schedule
  • Delivered monthly via email
  • Unlimited emails and program modifications as needed
Great Deal

Nutritional Consult

$ USD 100
  • Not yet ready for a whole individualized program, but would like to gather more in-depth knowledge to start to create goals on your current situation?
  • 45 minute phone or email consult, whenever needed
  • Discuss whatever aspect of your nutrition you need help with or when planning out your race (or other) goals!
  • **Templates not provided with this service**

Basic 1-on-1 Sports Nutrition

$ USD 125 Monthly
  • Initial consult/questionnaire online
  • Macronutrient and/or supplement strategy
  • Weekly email check in on progress, challenges, etc.

Advanced 1-on-1 Sports Nutrition

$ USD 190
  • Initial consult, including goals, macros, event planning, etc.
  • (1) 30 minute phone or skype conversations
  • Weekly monitoring of MyFitnessPal with adjustments as needed
  • Unlimited emails
  • Personalized macronutrient and supplement plan
  • Body stat tracking (if possible)
  • Meal adjustment help (NOT MEAL PLANS)
  • Planning for specific event (this will require an ongoing subscription until the event, as they will receive each part of the plan during that stage).
Great Deal