New 100-Day Paddle Challenge:: Crank Up The Miles :: Starts Sunday, July 21

Congrats, everyone on finishing the most recent Challenge!  We’re looking forward to hearing how much time you spent on the water over the last 100 days so please share. For our next challenge, starting on July 21 and running until October 29, we’re going back to our roots and making it a straight mileage challenge.  In particular, we want to encourage those that may be our newest members or least experienced paddlers to get involved, set  goals and be successful in achieving them.  To that end, we are going to pay particular attention to the original idea of the whole 100 Challenge – paddling 100 miles in 100 days – with any distance on top of that leading towards the next milestones of 200 miles, 300 miles, etc.   

Clearly many of you will have done far more mileage in our past challenges and will continue to do so.  For you, your challenge is two fold – see how fast you can complete your 100 miles and, of course, see how many you can paddle during the challenge in total.  

As those most invested in your paddling and as leaders of our group we’d love to see you continue to share your impressive mileage totals in the enthusiastic yet humble fashion that has become the group’s tradition, so that you are encouraging those that are finding it more difficult to pile up the miles rather than intimidating them.  

We’ve built a big, amazing, supportive community out of our group and it is the positive manner in which we share our accomplishments and show excitement for the accomplishments of others that has made this group what it is.   

For those looking for a little more, I’ll try to get involved and share some workout ideas every 10 days or so, so that everyone, whether novice or pro has something they can try tackling as they pile up the distance. Thanks for choosing to be part of such an amazing group.  

Let’s get out on the water! 


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