Spring Base Launches Next Week :: Spring Competitive Heats Up

Spring Base Launches Next Week :: Spring Competitive Heats UpThe Spring Base Program launches February 25 and runs until April 28 and is designed to help those Northern Hemisphere paddlers that haven’t been able to paddle consistently through the winter a chance to get back on the water and begin preparation for the summer competitive season in a safe and sequential fashion.

Periodized work is introduced in a way that develops specific (on-water) aerobic base in a manner that minimizes the risk of injury and maximizes opportunities to develop effective technique. Once a moderate base has been established those racing in major Spring events like the Carolina Cup or the Key West Classic will be provided with appropriately intense work that will help them get optimally prepared for these events.

Those in climates that are still in the grips of winter will be provided with land-based training options until they have regular access to open water, and appropriate on-water work once they are able to paddle.


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