Reduce neck and shoulder tension by opening up your chest with Coach Seychelle

This is hands down my FAVORITE passive recovery stretch. If you don’t do any other stretching, do this one technique several times a week and you will feel a difference. Combine it with a full-spinal stretching routine and your back will be happier than ever.

Often times a tight chest is the culprit for neck and upper back tension. This is easily overlooked as the pain or the pulling we might feel is in the back of the body. Things like poor posture, working at a desk/computer, or all the forward exertion from our paddle stroke can cause the muscles of the chest to tighten up and pull the shoulders forward which places strain on the neck and back.

This is a restorative yoga pose which means you need a few props, things you can easily find around the house, and you will be using the weight of your body and gravity to do the “work.” Great for evening time and winding down after a long, hard day or a long, hard paddle.

You can use yoga blocks, a bolster pillow, foam roller, or rolled up towels between the shoulder blades. Try to stay for at least 2 minutes. The longer the better. Remember this is about passive stretching. The object here is to just relax.

Full length yoga videos can be found on the app in the videos section under Yoga and recovery.

Let me know how it goes. 🙂

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Reduce neck and shoulder tension by opening up your chest from Paddle Monster on Vimeo.

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