Coach Seychelle is launching a new training program level – “Warrior”

Attention Weekend Warriors! Coach Seychelle will be launching a new Training Program this winter called the “Warrior” program. Starting Monday November 12th and continuing throughout the 2019 racing season, this program is geared towards those of you who want to train hard, but just can’t seem to get out on the water more than twice a week. I get it. You have families. You have jobs. You have a life outside of paddling. [What?! Surely no one in this group. ;)] I’ve heard your requests and I am going to write a program just for you.

I am still going to recommend that you add your home or gym strength-training program by Coach Chapman, especially throughout the winter, or swap dry-land cardio for a paddle if you are not able to get on the water, but the idea is that I will have options for most everyone no matter what your time commitment level may be. No more feeling guilty for missing training sessions for having to take care of business. You’re a Warrior after-all. 😀

This program is not geared toward those who can easily train 5 days a week (on land or water) or for novice paddlers. The sessions may be few, but they will be mighty! Please message Coach Seychelle with any questions about the Warriors program to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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