Seychelle Launches Newest Full Length Yoga Video: Goodnight Yoga

This is a 20 minute gentle yoga session perfect for the end of the day. Right before bed is one of my favorite times to stretch. Relax the body, quiet the mind, and slip in to a restful nights sleep. Often times we have the intention to stretch after a hard workout, but because of time constraints or other responsibilities, it gets put off until “later.” If you are anything like me, “later” can easily become “oh shoot it’s bedtime and I didn’t stretch.” Well, here’s a perfect solution for you.
I recommend putting your phone away for the night before you begin and not touching it until morning. I know this is a challenge, for me it is especially, but try and see how you fall asleep with no distractions between a nice relaxing yoga class and crawling in to bed. If you are using your phone for the paddle monster app, then perhaps just place it on airplane mode.
I hope you enjoy sweet dreams.
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