Larry Cain OABI 5 Fundamentals of Effective Paddling Technique Clinic

Saturday, August 11, 2018 choose from two separate 1 hour sessions::

1-2 or 3-4

Cost $50.00 plus racehub fees

An introduction to the 5 fundamentals of effective paddling technique used by the best professional racers. What you’ll find is that everyone attempts to do the fundamentals things in technique, but execute them in a highly personalized way the makes the most sense for their unique anthropomettric measurements (body type) and fitness strengths and weaknesses. Larry will explain each of the fundamentals – the what, why and how of each – and share drills with participants that will help them learn to execute each fundamental better and in the process improve their technique and ability to move their board effectively. He’ll take a look at each paddler and suggest which drills they should focus on in priority order moving forward.


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