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Available to the first 100 people only, not available to current subscribing members, because quite frankly, you’re already in and don’t need a trial.

How to get your free 10-day trial March Promo

Activate your Free Trial

  • To activate your 10-day free trail of Paddle Monster All Access Training with Coach Larry Cain, click the following link:
  • Follow the instructions on screen and create your Paddle Monster Account
  • If you have set up a paddle monster account already in the past, log in and you can still use this code: PDL-marchbasic10
  • Once you set up your account, DO NOT USE THIS LINK OR CODE AGAIN. It is a one-time activation code and one time account setup.

How to Log in 

  • After you set up your account, log in with your email and the password you set up. It will be on the app, or online at
  • Lost password: You can reset you password at any time on the login page with your email

Accessing the Paddle Monster Training Platform APP

Common but totally solvable problems:

  • Do not try to log in at to access the training platform. This is located at
  • A common error is to try using that access code more than once or activating the free trail more than once. This is a one-time thing. After that, use your email and password.
  • Another is to use the code as your login username. Use your email address and password to log in
  • Lost password: You can reset you password at any time on the login page

Getting help: 

If you have any questions or are confused about any part of the on boarding process at Paddle Monster, please contact John at support: [email protected] and he will get you all set up.

First thing on the app after you get in:

Go to Forums and the BASIC PLAN START HERE Forum for instructions. Fill out and submit your Paddler Profile in Forms.
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