by Larry Cain

This is an example of an answer given in the Paddle Monster Forum:

“When we talk about “taking something ‘off’ the paddle” to make the stroke more sustainable what we’re really talking about is gathering a little less water on the blade but making up for by working more dynamically against what you do have on the blade.

Being more dynamic can make up for less water loaded on your blade as described above. At the same time, if you can be dynamic and NOT lose any connection by taking something off the blade then you are ahead in the game. You might even be able to do this sustainably because each stroke will feel lighter and like it is loading your muscles less. So…you need to be thinking of attacking the water as you catch and then continuing to be aggressive through the stroke by using the momentum you’ve created by attacking the water.

It takes time to put all this together and it comes together more when you start to do more higher intensity work in intensification training phases. For now, when we’re doing lower intensity work, it is probably good to be rather deliberate in what you are doing to make sure you gather well. But you should know where we’re going. It’s all about attacking the water as you gather and then being as dynamic as you can through the stroke.”

This is from the FORUMS in Technique, from a thread titled: Improving the Catch

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