Keep those knuckles up!

I recently had someone ask the que for keeping knuckles up and elbow down. So here goes, this is such an important aspect to starting out with paddling and something that will give you longevity in the sport.

So when you bring your blade through the water you always want to think, elbow down and knuckles up, this will mean you exit at an appropriate time because you limit how far you can bring that blade back in the water so you have a faster exit. If you let your knuckles angle down you start to lift water at the back of your stroke, this in turn makes you roll your shoulder forward and down to counteract the movement in order to get enough room to get your blade out of the water. This also shuts down your chest and core breaking that solid frame you have when you reach and tuwist. You also start to lift water which slows you down but also starts putting undue strain on your shoulders which can then lead to injury and fatigue. So remember – Knuckles up, Elbows down!!


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