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Hello Surf ski paddlers, kayakers and downwind frothers.
A massive welcome from us all at Paddle Monster. I am super stoked to be apart of such an awesome group of people and excited to meet more of the paddling community. This forum is a great way to learn new techniques, training styles, and skills as well as challenging yourself. It is also a great way to Importance of training groups, training partners and training programmeet people with similar interests and passions of paddling. Its a way to share and spread the paddling addiction we all suffer from.

First of all an introduction to you all – I am Teneale, 26 years young (old according to the 16 year olds I coach for Surf Lifesaving) a kayaker and surf ski paddler for the last 14 years. Brought up near the water, with watersports and competitiveness in the blood, starting out in surf lifesaving and surf ski paddling, which is great for balance and developing paddling awareness, I branched out into other paddling disciplines including sprint canoeing, marathon and ocean ski paddling. Over the last 8years I have managed to secure 6 x World Championship titles in Ocean ski, Sprint Kayaking and Marathon Kayaking as well as a World Record in the K1 1000m at the 2014 Canoe Sprint World Championships as well as numerous World Cup and World Series podium finishes. I am currently campaigning towards the 2017 World Surf ski Series championship title and the 2017 Ocean Ski World Championships in November in Hong Kong. Outside of paddling I am also a full time Paramedic, recently finished my postgraduate in Intensive Care Paramedicine and a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Commercial Law and Human Resource Management.

Throughout my paddling career thus far, I have travelled around the world training and competing, learning as much as I can about the sports and about my own training and technical needs. I want to be able to share what I have learnt as well as helping you learn about your own needs. My theory is – there is no one size fits all for training programs or techniques. You will all have your own needs for training, what works for your body, your time schedule and your goals. You will also all have your own technical characteristics, as much as I will help you learn the basic technique methods and approach to effective and efficient technique and skills, I want you to be comfortable doing it. Because we all have different shaped bodies, we all move slightly differently etc, we wont all look the same in the boat. So this forum is about getting the basics right together then personalising it for you.

I have trained a lot by myself without little guidance and know that it can be challenging to stay motivated as well as feel reassured you are doing the right thing with your technique as well as training program. Paddle monster is a great way to have your own personal coach and to be a part of a larger paddling community. We love to hear about your paddling/training experiences. We welcome good banter. As well as encourage questions and feedback to help support you in your paddling journey.


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    I am trying to find all of the SUP training programs how do I fix this on my account?? thanks for you help

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