Importance of training groups, training partners and the training program

Importance of training groups, training partners and training program

  • These are some important concepts to get your head around. You will hear paddlers talk about them a lot, but its essential to know why we use them to give yourselves some direction and purpose with their use and implementation.
  • Training groups/Partners – these can be hard to come by for some of you but finding a group of paddlers, regardless of the speed of the paddlers is great. A training group that you feel obliged to turn up for each day can prove very motivating and very useful for your training. As much as I always encourage people to train with someone faster than them or of similar speed and work ethic, just knowing someone is going to be waiting for you to turn up in the morning and see you training can be that pressure you need to get out of bed in the mornings or push that little bit harder in training. A training group or training partner can also encourage some healthy competition and get you out of your comfort zone. As well as having stroke rate, heart rate etc to monitor your effort, sometimes you never really get to that next level without that competitive component.
  • Next the importance of a training program. For most sports, training probably has a greater effect on performance than nutrition, equipment, psychological state, or any other modifiable factor. Its great to have a training partner or training group but without any direction it is very easy to get distracted. Without a plan, you may make some improvements just by spending lots of time in your boat but you have no way of monitoring your progress. You are also holding yourself back from continual progression. It is important to have a balance in your training between strength work, aerobic work, lactate work, speed work, threshold work and most importantly recovery. If this balance isn’t set, you risk over-working or under-working yourselves. A training program helps you towards achieving your individual goals as well as helping you prepare for your events appropriately. It provides you some structure and takes that pressure off your shoulders about trying to figure out what you’re going to do today in order to be ready for your race in a couple of weeks.
  • These programs have been structured around your time commitments, your highlighted events and your experience. They are well planned and well educated to assist your progression towards your goals.

Happy Paddling!

Importance of training groups, training partners and training program

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  • jhoulding

    Hi Teneale,
    Looking to buy a surf ski. Currently looking at the Epic V10 sport. Before going too far want to learn how to get in and out of a capsized boat and figure out what to wear for Oakville Lake Ontario. Novice paddler at this point. Cheers John

    • Teneale Hatton
      Teneale Hatton

      Great question! Epic V10 sport is a great option to start as it has great stability but once you are also a little more confident and comfortable it is also a good start for a race boat. I will pop some re entry videos up over the next few days so you can have a play around. There will be a few different options to try so hopefully you can find something that works for you. In regards to paddling gear for winter in Toronto. Larry (SUP coach) try out a good amount of dry suits last season and has kept with them, managing to paddle throughout the entire winter this year. Similar to the BC based paddlers that also paddle in dry suits along with poggies (hand covers). I will put a few links up tomorrow with gear recommendations and places to get it etc.

    • Larry Cain

      Hey John,

      Would be great to have you out on the water with us. You should check with Mike Fekete at in Toronto as they carry a range of Epic skis.

      I can’t help you with getting back on the ski (I can’t – I’m not much of a kayak guy) but you can practice on the river no problem. It’s open now and I bet will be for the rest of the winter now.

      As for what to wear, I’m using SUPskin dry suits and I am sure they would work fine for ski paddling providing you get one with a little extra length to accommodate the sitting position. They are expensive but well worth it. I’ve paddled all winter comfortably in mine. ( You’ll also need some other stuff like boots and gloves – pretty much what we need on SUP boards. Check out this blog post and it will tell you what you need: Most of the stuff you need like gloves etc can be sourced out at MEC or from Paddle Sport Performance here in Oakville. Be sure to pick up a leash for your ski when you buy it.

      Hope to see you out there soon!


  • jhoulding

    Perfect. Thanks

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