Introduction to the Paddle Monster Strength and Power with Chris Chapman

Coach Larry Cain and spent the past few days shooting exercise videos in Toronto Canada with our new Strength and Power Coach, Chris Chapman. Here are a few videos introducing Chris (read this blog post for more info on Chris and the plan), why we went the extra mile to bring in a coach in this area and at Chris’ level, Chris’ philosophy on strength and power, how to prepare and how the plan will roll out.

We are going to create a strength and power forum so you can ask Chris questions, just as you would ask larry on the Training and Training Plans Forum. This is what coaching is all about. It’s not just a sheet of paper with a list of exercises. It’s a coach to help you develop, hone and apply your strength and power, to help you adapt the program to fit your goals and schedule. We are really excited about this program. Basically, you all just got an extra coach and an extra discipline as part of your existing memberships. This is an amazing opportunity. Start strong and train hard. #trainingworks

Coach Larry Cain discusses the importance of Dry Land Training Plan with Chris Chapman.

About Chris Chapman, Paddle Monster Strength and Power Coach:

Chris Chapman, Paddle Monster Strength and Power talks about his philosophy on Strength and Power Training for paddlers:

Coach Chris Chapman discusses how to prepare for the Strength and Power Dry Land Training:

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  • timshuff

    This looks amazing! I’m super excited about winter training and looking forward to working with Chris to get stronger and faster over the winter.

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