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Here’s an example of how each day’s race plan will appear within the weekly plan:

Paddle 60 minutes
10′ warm up level 1 progressing to level 2B
10′ drills – 1 set each of entry and gathering, then work on catch drill
Work: 8 x 15″ level 5++, 3′ R,  3 x 10′, 1′ R  (1, 3 level 2B, 2 level 3)
10′ cool off

Here’s how to read it:


‘ = minutes

” = seconds

Training Zones Reference

Paddle Monster Training ZonesSee the blog post on Training Zones for a full description and make SURE you read it, know it, live it.

First, the Warm-Up Section:

10′ warm up level 1 progressing to level 2B

This section will take 10 minutes. ‘ = minutes.
Paddle 10 minutes of warm up. Starting at HR level 1 (easy) progressing gradually to level 2B (harder) * see the blog post on Training Zones and the chart above. Again, read it.

Technique Section:

10′ drills – 1 set each of entry and gathering, then work on catch drill

10 minutes of drills. Do one set of the entry drill and one set of the gathering drills (10 to 30 reps total) then do the catch drill for the remainder of the 10 minutes *see the appropriate drill video in the video library

Work Section:

8 x 15″ level 5++, 3′ R, 3 x 10′, 1′ R (1, 3 level 2B, 2 level 3) 

  • 8 x 15″ level 5++, 3′ R= Start with 8 times 15 seconds at level 5++ (all out) taking 3 minute rest between each 15 second piece. Eight 15-second sets with 3 minute rest between sets
  • 3 x 10′, 1′ R (1, 3 level 2B, 2 level 3)= 3 sets at 10 minutes: 1st and 3rd 10 minute section are at level 2B and the 2nd/middle at level 3 with one minute rest between each 10 minutes.  You can start after taking 3 minutes rest following the last 15 second piece

Cool Down Section: 10′ cool off

10′ cool off= Do a 10 minute cool off. That one’s easy.

Again, please read the blog post on Training Zones.

Hope this helps. Happy paddling!


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  • EmeraldButterfly

    Thank you for listening to my feedback and providing “how to read the training plans” I am training tonight and looking forward to doing my first week of focused training.

    • Larry Cain

      Great, Andrea! Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Please share you experience this week with everyone in the forums (and introduce yourself to the rest of the community if you haven’t already). Glad to have you with us!

  • sjmarks

    for strength training this week for advanced training, what does 9 ex basic mean? Is that separate from 3 sets, 6 reps? steve m.

    • Larry Cain

      This is a post that ideally should be made to the Training section of the forum rather than here but I’ll answer it here anyway and hope other members see it. If you look at the program carefully you’ll see the “strength” cell contains the following lines:

      3 sets, 6 reps, 9 ex basic
      strength, moderate speed etc.

      The test wraps in excel when you reach the end of the cell so the “strength” wraps onto the second line. Don’t feel bad for missing that. You’ve just made me realize that when I changed the reps from 15 to 6 after week 1 I should have also changed “basic” to “sub-max”. So I have to thank you for pointing this out as I might not have noticed that. We’re doing 6 reps in this workout so it is quite heavy weight. Not max strength but a bit below. In two weeks we’ll start to develop power which will involve more dynamic, explosive contractions.


      • dwholley

        Thanks for the blog post about how to read the training plans. I also had questions about reading the Strength/Other section of the weekly training plans and thought it might have been covered in this blog post, but I didn’t see anything. Is Strength/Other covered in a different blog post or forum?

        • Larry Cain

          No, in the first two weeks there weren’t any questions regarding the strength training so we didn’t include a “how to” on reading that part of the program.

          What you’ll see each week is:

          The type of training – i.e max strength, sub-max strength, power, power endurance, basic strength etc.

          x sets – number of times you do a group of repetitions
          y reps – number of individual lifts in each set (performed non-stop)
          z ex – number of exercises performed.

          the mode of contraction – i.e moderate or explosive and 1-2 seconds in concentric motion (lifting weight up) and 1-2 seconds for example in eccentric motion (lowering weight down)

          The exercises – since everyone has differing access to equipment I am not setting the exercises. Rather I am asking people to do push, pull and core exercises, usually 3 of each.

          push – exercises where you’re pushing the weight away from your body by extending arms or legs
          pull – exercises where you’re pulling the weight to your body by flexion of arms or legs
          core – exercises that involve abdominals, low back, hip flexors, obliques etc.

          For the leg workouts I’ve actually given you a list of exercises as most of these do not require specialized equipment or any additional weight. There are videos of each of these in the video library.

          I hope this helps.


  • surfertravis

    This is really helpful but I’m still confused. If Monday is 60 minutes of paddling, does that encompass the time spent doing drills and warming up, working and cooling down?? Also, is the “work” section always paddling?

    • John

      Hi Travis, definitely lost all your questions to the training forum. In this case, you are correct. The entire 60 minutes is all on water. The training plans, except where indicated as dry land or strength training are on the water. The warmup, drills work and cool down are all on the water. I hope that helps. -john

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