Channel your Inner Viking Winter Team Paddle Challenge

Happy New Year paddlers!  It’s time for the next 100 Day Challenge: Jan 1-April 10, 2018

by Larry Cain, Paddle Monster Head Coach

With winter taking a really firm grip on most of North America as we launch this it might be hard for many of you to get the kind of mileage you’re used to.  We’ve got a few ideas to help you out with that which are going to make this challenge a little different and fun.

Over my years of paddling, the thing that has probably been the best about it is the people I’ve been able to do it with.  Whether sprint canoe, outrigger or SUP the people are amazing.  There’s something awesome about being amongst lpeople sharing a common love for a sport, and in this case being on the water.  Getting to train daily with them is even better.  We motivate and inspire each other and push each other to higher levels.  I’ve been fortunate to have had awesome training groups for most of my paddling life.

The 100 Paddle Challenge has essentially become a virtual training group.  We’re a gathering of over 1900 people united by our love for being on the water and the joy we get out of having a paddle in our hands (or hands in the water if you paddle prone).  We inspire each other and push each other to extend ourselves just a little bit more, which helps us reach our challenge goals or exceed them.  We’ve enjoyed meeting each other in the posts and the supportive comments to those posts, and we now look for each other to meet up in person at races.  So we’re going to roll with that in this next challenge and use this aspect of it to help everyone hit bigger mileage numbers.

While you’ll still be setting individual mileage goals and tracking your own mileage as you have in the past, you’re now going to be able to partner or team up with others to also track a team total.  You’ll hit much higher numbers and, let’s face it, big numbers are really fun to look at.

So here’s how it works:

  • Find a partner or a few other people to team up with in the challenge.  How do you do this?  Well, if you’re lucky enough to have a local group that you enjoy paddling with you can start there.  But many of you might not have that so you might need to look for a partner in the larger group.  We’re a pretty accepting group of people.  Put up a post, introduce yourself and tell everyone you’re looking for a partner.  You’ll find others like yourself and be able to team up together.  If you have a partner or a team, why not adopt someone from a different part of the world who is looking for a partner?  What better way to share the stoke like we all seem to do so well?
  • Track your personal mileage like you always do but add it to the team total each week and see how your team total rises.  You’re going to hit some impressively high numbers this way.  How far would your team have paddled if you lay the distance out on a map?  From New York to Florida?  From Florida to Texas?  We’re going to see people come up with some cool virtual journeys when looked at this way
  • It looks like it is going to be a brutally cold winter in North America.  It’s certainly started off that way.  That might make it tough for some of you in more northern areas to be involved.  So we’re making a concession for you.  If you can get access to a paddling erg, or even a rowing erg, we’ll allow you to count those miles.  However you must count them separately and then add them to your on water totals at the end.   We’re not sure if many will actually take advantage of this concession as so many of you have already demonstrated that you are true winter warriors and are paddling in below freezing temperatures.

This is a true winter challenge for most of the continent with paddling conditions less friendly than you see in the summer.  It takes some determination and will power and a true love of paddling to get out there in the cold.  We’re like Vikings.  We’re not afraid to be on the water in less than ideal condtions like cold rain, freezing temperatures and snow.  So we’re encouraging all of you to get excited about this next challenge, channel your inner Viking and get out there.  Extend you hand to paddlers from other parts of the country of even the world and share your stoke with them.  Work hard on your own like you’ve always done, but share your hard work with someone else’s, building more impressive mileage totals but more important new paddling friendships in the process.

The challenge ends April 10th.  Let’s get started!


About the Paddle Monster 100-Day Paddle Challenge Group

In advance of the 2018 season, I posted a new ABOUT the group and wanted to post it here, also to share the rules, the sponsors, etc. We’ve hit 1920 paddlers and are on the cusp of 2000, so it’s important to be clear with a few things.

The 100-day paddle challenge is a group of paddlers from all over the world, of all ages and crafts who share, inspire, celebrate and support each other as they paddle in three 100-day paddle challenges. Each challenge is unique. We only include paddling people who request to enter, who paddle, who paddle, who also paddle, and who don’t have dry timelines. Paddling must be a central element of their being.


  • Be nice
  • Paddle
  • Don’t be rude
  • Only post about your paddles within the challenge or to find people to paddle with at home or as you travel the world from event to event.
  • Post group photos from your meetups whenever possible
  • Enjoy each other.
  • Enjoy and protect our waterways
  • Extend the aloha spirit with everyone you come in contact with in this group.
  • We can and will remove you from the group if you are abusive or disrespectful in any way.
  • We can and will delete posts that we feel are inappropriate, disrespectful, or off topic.
  • Say hello to Julia

Paddle Monster and Distressed Mullet are sponsors of this group. We will from time to time post things about these sites and businesses, but we are very prudent with those posts. Still, your support of Paddle Monster ( and Distressed Mullet ( and their sponsors helps us keep this group going and the community thriving. We appreciate your support. We’re here for you.

From time to time we will comment on issues that affect where we paddle, our clean water and air. Caring about the environment is the minimum requirement for being in this group. Never turn your back on the ocean, especially when it needs you and that applies to the rivers, lakes, mountains, streams, hills, plains, everywhere.

About Paddle Monster (

Paddle Monster was started by Olympic Gold Medalist and Olympic Paddle Coach, Larry Cain and Distressed Mullet publisher, John Beausang. Paddle Monster provides paddle coaching for paddlers seeking to not just survive events but to thrive in them. To train, become more efficient, reach and exceed personal goals. We will give normal paddlers access to the best training and technique information available through our training app at We set goals, discuss our progress online, and then spill out into the waterways around the world together. You have individual goals, but you are no longer lost or alone in your training.

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